Tabasa Tepanyaki

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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 13

    Witch Themed Tepanyaki Cafe

    I had been to Tabasa once before, to meet friends who wanted to try it. It was really good and I was in the area looking for katsudon with no luck, so I settled for something else I could put sauce and mayonnaise all over.

    This cafe is super charming with lots of weird Americana and homemade decorations – especially with witches on them. They also play country or twangy old time music all the time.

    The lunch set menu is a great deal at 1000 yen and includes one of three popular okonomiyaki, a side like rice, soup, or salad, a drink, and a dessert.

    The first time I got the yakisoba, not realizing it's not really okonomiyaki. I just wanted Hiroshima style, but got only noodles. This time I got 'Samantha (samansa) Power,' a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. I ordered mine with a side of rice and was happy to see it was brown rice, a rarity in Japanese restaurants. The dessert is lovely, a small rolled sweet or koucha zeri, an interesting twist on coffee jelly – black tea jelly with condensed sweetened milk instead of the usual cream.

    They also have a dinner set menu for 480 yen more, and it comes with two sides and the option to order beer for your drink, in addition to ice cream as a dessert option. Of course 'tanpin' or separate orders (not set menus) are always available too.

    Tabasa is on a small street behind Bunka Dori, across the street from the area where Ishibashi Bunka Center is, and near a big karaoke/bowling alley. You can find the witch painting on the outside of the shop. They close for a break between lunch and dinner time, from 14:30-17:00.

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