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  • JTsuzuki

    on Apr 26

    Fun Kids Space; Not For English Books.

    Tagajo City Library is new and improved, open 9 AM to 9:30 PM daily and boasts a really nice kids section with a 2-story indoor play structure in the kids area in addition to a large carpeted shoe-free area for toddlers and infants complete with lots of big picture books as well as the more conventional sizes. A monthly "Story Time" event is held once a month in Japanese in this area. For kid-free individuals, the second and third story stacks offer tons of books, but almost entirely in Japanese. The few volumes of English language material can only be found in the very back of the third floor "Study Room" (in which I do not recommend bringing a noisy toddler, as you will be instructed to leave) and is mostly geared toward lower-to-intermediate language learners rather than high-fluency English readers. Just because they don't have English language books doesn't mean they lack all media for the foreigner who lacks Japanese ability. On the second floor, the DVD and music rental chain Tsutaya has a large and easily accessible store. If you want to take something home but don't want the hassle of getting a library card, the majority of the center of the first floor is taken up by a bookstore, featuring a large variety of magazines and even a generous selection of kids books just a short flight of stairs above the kids section of the library. The big draw for a lot of outlying locals can be seen from the front door. Starbucks offers the same menu as any other of its chain locations as well as a decent amount of seating both indoors and outdoors with a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the Tagajo City Library website, (https://tagajo.city-library.jp) you can find lots of information, much of it even offered in English. The page regarding upcoming events unfortunately appears to be exclusively offered in Japanese, but most of the events are fairly easy to figure out, including a morning yoga class held twice a month on Friday mornings. Another page on the website also details upcoming exhibitions in the gallery located on one floor of the building. A Family Mart convenience store can also be found on the first floor, behind Starbucks, and there is another convenience store right across the street. With such a useful place located just a few steps from Tagajo Station on the Senseki Line (240 yen, 21 minutes from Sendai), it should come as no surprise that it is one of the first mental images people of the area get when the word "library" is mentioned.

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