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  • AnnaAbola

    on Aug 21

    Great Deals for Kimono and Yukata Rentals

    If you're in Tokyo, it's a must to drop by Asakusa for a cultural experience. While you're there, why not dress the part, too? There are a number of yukata and kimono rentals around Tokyo and most of them pretty much milk the tourists mainly. Koto Kimono Rental Shop in Asakusa itself, however, is gentle on the budget. 

    Top 5 things I liked about Koto:

    1. The price. Women can rent either a yukata or a kimono for only 3,000 yen (for one day), and that already includes the obi, sandals, a bag, a hair ornament and hair styling!
    2. The location. Both Asakusa station and Sensoji Temple are close by.
    3. The choices. To be honest, it took me a while to choose the design that I wanted because there are a lot.
    4. Customer service. Before proceeding, you must make reservations, which can be easily done online. If you have any questions or concerns, they can respond quickly through email... And in English! In the shop itself, they don't really speak English but they help you out.
    5. Friendly conditions. Other kimono rental shops close early or allow you to borrow their garments for a short and limited time; some even state that you can only wear their clothes in specific areas only. Koto gives you the freedom of walking anywhere with it as long as you return it by 5:00 pm. Otherwise, you have to pay an additional fee of 1,000 yen per night, which isn't so harsh either. 

    One thing to take note of is undergarments and tabi socks are not included in the rental. You can bring your own (if you have) or pay an additional fee of 300 yen for either. 

    For more information and reservations, you can visit the English website through this link: http://asakusa.kimono-koto.com/english.html



2nd Floor Daigen Building 2-18-12 Kaminarimon

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