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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 24

    Silver Spoon Patisserie

    In the last week I rode my bike past a previously unnoticed place, in an area I'm not normally in. I passed there a couple times, and noticed Christmas decorations and strange music, but I just thought it was a restaurant – there are a lot of those in the area. Then I walked past there intentionally, while in the area, to check out the strange decorations. I thought there would be a lot of people there for an early Christmas Eve date.

    It's not a restaurant, but it's a big patisserie with a seating area so you can eat cakes in the shop. (That area was being used as a packaging station for all the Christmas cakes being sold.)

    A huge inflatable Santa greets visitors at the entrance. Unfortunately it was really crowded because everyone was hustling to get their Christmas cakes in time. We could barely squeeze in and have a look around. It's a surreal season and these strange elves on the roof of Silver Spoon make it even weirder. It's super Christmased out inside the shop too. The cakes are beautiful and expensive, but we weren't so interested in spending all our money or waiting in line. A small Christmas cake (four small slices) at Silver Spoon will run you 2000 yen. Must be worth it – people were paying! It was much more crowded than the two other patisseries we passed the same evening.

    There are also flowers being sold outside, and as it's a patisserie, there are lots of fancy cakes as well as packaged breads and cookies. Couldn't talk the husband into anything, not even the 100 yen tiny chamomile cookies he seemed into. Not on this crowded day anyway.

    Silver Spoon is on a busy street and at the south end of Chuo Koen. If you're just after a simple tea or coffee and cake, maybe one of the many family restaurants nearby is a good option. If it's more fancy gift territory, they've got the right sort of cakes and desserts to go or individually wrapped treats in seasonal flavors.

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