Family Mart Hanno East Agano Branch

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  • Saitama

    on Oct 10

    Good place for a break heading to Chichibu from Hidaka

    If you are using route 299 from Hidaka to Yokoze, Chichibu or beyond, this Family Mart is one of only a handful of premises on the route until you get to central Yokoze. And it is the only convenience store. It is a new-ish branch. It was previously a Sunkus but when Family Mart took over they did the whole place up, including the car park. The car park is now very clean and spacious. This branch has a small area with counter and table space and about 12 chairs for people to eat. Other facilities include a payphone, ATM, public toilets, coffee machines, rubbish bins and an ashtray outside. They have a good selection of ready made food. We have found this a useful spot not only to break up a trip, but also to wait out traffic when 299 gets very congested. Even though it is very popular and well used, you never have to wait long (if you have to wait at all) for a parking spot and service.

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