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Akachan Honpo Ario Ageo Branch

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Medium sized branch, less facilities than others

    Price: 500 yen

    I've been to a few Aka-chan Honpo shops over the years and this one is just average. Average size, average selection of goods and average staff. And it doesn't have a nursery like other branches in the Saitama area.

    What is good about the branch is that they have a fairly good selection of sample toys out for kids to play with. They also have some play points with something small to offer, such as a support pillar with a mirror and turn-the-wheel activity at a child's level. They have some toy musical instruments out, such as a small piano, which is popular with young children. They also have a fairly good selection of seasonal goods, such as the sample in two of the photos above of Halloween goods. They have their own trolleys or you can use Ario Mall's trolleys. If you use the trolleys in Akachan Honpo you have to put them back when you are finished in the shop, so it is more convenient to use the mall's trolleys if you plan to walk around or do more shopping. They have a point card which can be used in all branches of Akachan Honpo. They don't have a lot of maternity goods, but they have sufficient supplies for small babies: clothes, toys, nappies, wipes, food and so on.

    This branch is located on the 2nd floor of Ario, near a really nice free play area as well as close to the mall's excellent nursery and baby area.  You can use the mall's parking lot which is free with lots of parking spaces. There are overflow parking lots nearby too for busy days. 


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