Sweets Paradies Harajuku

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jan 31

    Sweets Paradies - Heaven for Cake-lovers

    Do you love cake? Do you love to eat a lot of cake? Great! Let’s go to Sweets Paradies!

    Sweets Paradies is a chain restaurant with the common all you can eat system. The normal fee is 1530 Yen for an adult which includes a wide range of delicious cakes and sweets and even a free drink bar. Some cakes are seasonal changing, so if you visit more often you can always find something new. And all are these cakes are really delicious! You can’t really stop eating and would like to try all of them. If you need a break of sweets, you also can choose salad, different pasta versions, soup and curry.

    For a little more extra money you can widen up your menu. We payed an additional 200 Yen and were allowed to eat as lot as Häagen Dazs ice as we wanted. And they had 20 different ice sorts there!

    The time limits for buffet varies between the shops, mostly it is between 70 minutes to 90 minutes. At the Harajuku shop we had 90 minutes time to fill our stomach. But take care not to overeat.

    So, if you are starving for sugar, why don’t you try going to Sweets Paradies? There are several shops around Japan. Just check their website for it → http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/

    PS: If you add the shop as LINE friend, you can get a small gift such as calender or clearfile for free.



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