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  • helloalissa

    on Mar 9

    Nishitetsu Gorumet Onsen Ticket

    From Kurume City, the cost is 2440 yen per person for return Nishitetsu Train tickets, a face towel, entrance to the baths, and a meal in the facility's restaurant. A free shuttle bus will take you from Chikushi Station to the Day Spa. The cost varies from other stations on the Omuta Line, from Omuta to Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Stations. This is a good deal as entrance to the baths is 800 yen per person and the return ticket for the train would be 800 yen. This leaves a remainder of 640 yen for the towel and meal, which is usually around 1500 yen. From Chikushi Station's West Exit, there is a shuttle bus every 30 minutes that will take you up into the mountains along the highway. Upon entering the day spa, you will need to take off your shoes and put them into the lockers before going to reception to present your ticket. There you will receive the face towel and the bath locker key and they will take your shoe locker key. There are two bath areas which rotate for men and women. The women's side was the Japanese style baths when we went, while my husband got to enjoy the 'Bali' themed baths. It sounds like both sides are similar in that they both include several baths inside, a sauna (one dry and one humid salt sauna), and several small outdoor baths, or rotenburo. All the signs inside the baths are in Japanese only, which might be confusing for those who can't read any kanji. After bathing, we went into the adjacent restaurant, still without any shoes on, for our meal. We were given a special menu to choose the small main dish from. The ticket included one main dish and the all you can eat salad bar and drink bar. Minimal desserts were also included with the salad bar. We weren't able to eat as much as we normally would at all you can eat restaurants because they only provide one plate for the salad bar. There is an additional restaurant downstairs with the family baths. A special ticket for 1500 is also available for bath entrance and a meal there (not including any transportation). We might try that when we want to go back.

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