Fuji Safari Park

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 18

    Driving and walking safari courses PLUS a fantastic petting zoo and animal village

    We have been to many attractions around the base of Mt Fuji, but this safari park definitely stands out as being the most enjoyable for all the family. What makes this safari so worthwhile, is that there are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with some animals. If it is a fine day, I recommend you allocate a full day to this outstanding safari park.

    There are a number of ways you can enjoy the safari zone of the huge complex. You can drive in your own car, you can ride on a jungle bus or you can be taken out in a Safari Navigation car. The latter affords the most opportunities to get close to the animals and you can even feed the animals, but it costs additional money. You can even walk part of the course at your own pace. We were advised that it could take a couple of hours with small children, so we haven't tried that option yet.

    The fureai zone and animal village are beside each other. On our last visit we actually spent the whole day in these areas and opted not to drive the safari zone.  The fureai zone is similar to a zoo and the animal village is similar to a farm. Each of these areas organise special events. We particularly enjoyed the horse race, where you can bet on horses for a reasonable price. If you win you get a souvenir to take home. They have animal holding sessions in each of these areas. There are restaurants and shops in this area too.

    The price varies according to the method in which you tour the safari zone. If you go in your own car, that is covered by the basic admission fee, which also covers the other zones. However, you need to pay extra for the House of Dogs, the House of Cats and the House of Rabbits. You can park your car before or after driving through the safari zone to use the restaurants and visit the other zones. 

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