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Andersen Bakery Youme Town Store

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  • helloalissa

    Smells great, but no magical butter rainbows

    Price: 162 yen

    This bakery always smells so amazing when we walk by, and occasionally they'll have samples of their breads. Attached there's a Danish Heart shop, which also has the occasional sample. The things I've tasted were all really good, but I never bought anything to eat there until recently.

    This is the type of bakery popular in Japan for women to take a break from shopping or chat with friends.

    I didn't order coffee, but they also have (sort of expensive) coffee there.

    It was tough to choose something, but I was really hungry and dinner was still a couple hours away. I chose a Cafe au Lait Roll for 162 yen including tax, but there were also Macha Rolls for the same price.

    I was never asked if I wanted to eat in the cafe or get the roll to go. I got it to go, and I guess the cafe was a little crowded, but there's a big communal type table and only one woman was sitting there. I sat down and ate in the shop, to check out the (lack of) atmosphere.

    The roll was shaped like a cinnamon roll, although it wasn't very soft or sweet like I'd expected. The coffee flavor was limited to a few crumbles of something on top of the roll. It was sort of crisp, without the chewy texture I'm used to for most breads in Japan, especially cinnamon rolls. Despite my hunger, it was just okay. I guess the smell of the shop had me expecting magical rainbows of butter. I wasn't totally satisfied and went to the supermarket for a cheap cafe latte tapioca drink. The end.


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