Fuji Q Highlands

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 13

    The best "Japanese" amusement park in Honshu. Something for everyone; even babies!

    Fuji Q is the best domestically (ie Non-American) owned amusement park in Honshu. I would even argue it is the best, full stop, although I've never been to Nagashima Spa Land which actually ranks third in visitor numbers after Disney and Universal Studios. We originally went to Fuji Q many years ago and have returned numerous times in the last 8 years with our children. Once upon a time I loved roller coasters and Fuji Q has a great selection, including FOUR Guinness World Record holding roller coasters. Nowadays we go for the family friendly rides, particularly in the Thomas the Tank Engine theme park area of the park "Thomas land" (also reviewed on City-Cost). There is also a Gaspard et Lisa theme park. The thing I like most about Fuji Q though is: limited queues! Fuji Q is highly popular with people living in Japan, but because of its location and lack of international acclaim it does not draw the numbers that the American theme parks do. It makes it more enjoyable all round, but particularly for (and with) kids. Bonus Tip!! Buy your entry ticket at a (participating) parking or service area on the way and get it cheaper than at the door.

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 7

    The best theme park in Japan

    Yes, Disneyland and Disney Sea in Tokyo may have the better attention to detail and more places to eat but when it comes to roller coaster and thrill, Fuji Q Highland wins hands down in my opinion.  

    When I visited (a few years ago) the park was a little scruffy around the edges but the roller coasters more than made up for it.  And it's right, slap band in front of the mountain.

    Where Fuji Q does fall down when compared to places like Disneyland or somewhere like Universal Studios is in terms of access.  The park is quite a long way from major urban areas so getting here can take a good chunk out of your day, or leave you facing the prospect of a slog back home when all you want to do is relax in front of the TV.

    Still, the best theme park in Japan in my opinion.

  • genkidesu

    on Jun 28

    A theme park other than DIsney for your visiting friends and family!

    Since we're living here as expats, friends and family naturally want to come and visit - and on a lot of people's lists for things they want to see or do are theme parks.

    True to expectations, a lot of people put Disneyland and Disney Sea at the top of that list - but if you want somewhere a little less heavily trafficked, that has AMAZING views of Fuji on a clear day, then you need to try Fuji Q Highlands.

    Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, there are several different methods of transport you can use to get there (their access map is here https://www.fujiq.jp/en/access/). Bear in mind if you have visitors using the JR pass, that the FujiQ Railway line is privately owned - so their JR passes won't cover that portion of transportation.

    It's one of my best theme park memories in Japan, for the incredible view we had. Definitely try and go on a weekday as opposed to a weekend if you go - in true Japan form the weekends are really busy, but during the week when I have been it hasn't been too bad.

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