The Dubliners Ikebukuro

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 16

    Authentic Irish bar not so authentic Irish atmosphere!

    When you walk into the Dubliners in Ikebukuro, you could be walking into a bar in the centre of Dublin, only for the lack of people and atmosphere. The place looks the real deal, but it is sorely lacking the all important ambience of a real Irish bar. However, on the flip side, you can relax over a pint and a book here. 

    They have a great selection of Irish drink and a small selection of some popular Irish pub grub, but they are missing the Sunday roasts which is something Irish people like to eat in pubs back home. They have an Irish fry, which is usually a breakfast but it is good enough to eat for lunch or dinner. I would never order an Irish fry at home in Ireland, but sometimes it is nice to go to the Dubliners to get that taste of home. The one in Ikebukuro is closest to me, but it is not the best in my humble opinion. They offer free Irish music performances usually on Thursday nights. The music is great in my opinion, but I am biased as it is the music of my homeland. The staff are friendly and speak some English. The manager there, who may also be the owner, has visited Ireland but didn't spend a long time there. He is interested in Irish culture though. 

    The seats are generally wooden with wooden tables. You can pull tables together so it can accommodate larger crowds. You can sit at the bar too. There is a small outdoor terrace despite being in the basement. 

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