Cherry Land 道の駅 寒河江 チェリーランド

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Sep 22

    Amazing Roadside Food and Produce!

    Sagae city in Yamagata is known for cherries and is the sister city to the cherry capital of Turkey. This is why you'll find Turkish ice cream, gyros, and a small Turkish pavilion building, filled with souvenirs from that country. The Turkish building sits in the back of the property, past the long halls of shop stalls inside the main building but is well worth the walk. Aside from the trinkets and CDs, inside you'll find a gorgeous ceiling and fountain in addition to a Turkish ice cream stall offering an interesting variety of flavors. If the weather is agreeable, you can enjoy your refreshments outside at the picnic tables located in front of the Turkish building, overlooking an interesting pointed building also on the property. Back in the main building, several kinds of local produce are available at discount prices and there is even a row of fast food stalls including gyros, run by the same Turkish family that sells the ice cream from their homeland. Many other kinds of food are available as well. In a separate smaller building closer to the parking lot, the tourist information desk offers free guides to the Sagae area and another food shop offering homemade ice cream in great flavors. So much more than a road stop, Cherry Land is a must-see for (especially gyro-loving) travelers to Sagae City.

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