Ufu Uhu Farm

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  • Bella

    on Nov 23

    Fresh Eggs, Yummy Egg Puffs, and a GIANT CHICKEN!

    Looking for fresh eggs and a place far from the noisy city, then you have located your next favourite spot! Ufu Uhu Farm is very simple. It mainly produces eggs and cute merchandize, which are mostly household items. LOCATION: Except for taxis, it’s not accessible by public transportation. If you don’t have your own car, it’ll be a bit difficult for you to reach this place. However, since it’s a bit distant, it’s closer to nature and it's quieter, making it an ideal place for families. Kids will enjoy running around its wide space and its mini-playground & garden. WHAT TO SEE? : Just don’t expect too much. Its main purpose is to SELL. The Ufu Uhu Farm has a HUGE statue of a chicken, which can be an interesting site for pictures and selfies. Its delectable EGG PUFFS is one of its popular snacks, which is perfect to have on a lazy, sunny weekend. There’s a café next to the farm, so if you need a big meal just head over there. For more info, visit their website. http://ufuuhufarm.com/index.html (Japanese only)

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