Ciao Bamboo

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  • genkidesu

    on Feb 28

    Tasty Thai food in simple surrounds

    If you think that Omotesando is all glitz and glamor, and posh eateries, then Ciao Bamboo might surprise you a little...but in a really good way! It was one of our favorites when we lived in Tokyo, because it really made you feel like you'd been whisked a world away for a moment! Ciao Bamboo is a pretty basic setup - simple chairs and tables, and plastic awnings and gas heaters for when it's cold - you feel like you're literally at a street stall somewhere, rather than one of Tokyo's most expensive suburbs. They have a range of Thai style noodle dishes, curries, stir fries and soups on the menu. We would just about always get the green curry and the satay noodles, but they've got plenty of dishes to choose from. As well, they've got a range of beers such as Bintang, Tiger, and Singha, to really complete the vibe.

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