Happy Lawson

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 14

    A convenience store... WITH A PLAY AREA!

    Of course this store gets five stars from me; it has a PLAY AREA. And a seating area. And sea views! It takes a lot to surprise me after 16 years living in Japan, so this one gets a gold star for accomplishing just that.

    Located in Yamashita Park on the sea front, this is a convenience store like no other. However, in saying that I am not sure how "convenient" it really is as unlike most convenience stores it doesn't have a parking lot and isn't suited to a quick visit. It is great for a relaxing visit though and given its location at the entrance to a park it is convenient for park goers. It is usually fairly busy and it is not uncommon to have to queue to be served. The seating area around the play area is always jammed too, but on a fine day you can enjoy the sea breeze and sit outdoors. There is a courtyard out one side of the store with plastic tables and chairs. The play area is partially made from recycled crates. It is mainly a climbing type play area, where the kids can climb up and tunnel through box like structures. There is soft padding on part of the ground. They have a good choice of take away food such as onigiri and sandwiches as that is a large part of their trade. Once you purchase something in the store you can use their seating area. It is known for having a good choice of beer too, but I can't confirm that! Sometimes street performers perform outside the shop.

    The store is open from 7 am to 11 pm. It has an ATM machine. It also has fax, a copier and photo printing services. "Lawson Free Wifi" is available.



〒231-0023 神奈川県横浜市中区 山下町279 山下公園内レストハウス

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