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  • Tomuu

    on Sep 7

    Nice burger shop in an even nicer location

    Bareburger is located on the 10th floor of splendido shopping center Tokyu Plaza Ginza. It's one of the more casual restaurants on the open-plan style food floor that is 10F (posher places are on 11F). Seating is fairly limited at Bareburger but there is a funky bar / counter that almost has a kind of tropical feel about it. Seats by the floor-to-ceiling windows may not be suitable for those who have a fear of heights. Overall though, the decor and vibe at Bareburger is bright and breezy. As for the food, it's "all organic, all natural", as they say in the literature. Anyway, it tastes pretty good and comes in a decent enough volume, although I have to say, I wasn't too bothered about the fries. All praise then to Bareburger for trying to keep things healthy (as healthy as a burger can be). This is a nice place to come and eat - too small and casual to be considered fancy but a good spot nonetheless.

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