Camera Suzuki

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  • hellonihon

    on Mar 18

    Camera shop in Yokohama Station

    Camera Suzuki is a tiny shop but it really packs a punch. They have all your photo needs covered in every stage. They sell cameras, film, and accessories, offer developing, and have DIY print stations. They also sell books and other informative materials for people who want to get their feet wet in the analog world. The staff is really helpful, but the services depend on who's working there. For development, sometimes you can have it done in as little as an hour. Sometimes, the workers will be lazy and you'll have to come back in a few hours or even the next day. It's a tossup. The stock is really good and they change their inventory quickly. There's always new film camera bodies to check out when I'm in. And, they carry a wide range of films. It's more than just the standards and they have a lot of "experimental films" like KONO. Their prices are good too, and I never feel like I'm being ripped off.