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  • Saitama

    Loved locally, but its just mediocre in my opinion

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    This park is really loved by the locals, you will often hear people gush over it. However, as someone who has been to many parks all over the Kanto area, I really don't think it is worth the (local) hype. Yes, it has a lovely open lawn, a lake and a nice walking course, but on the grander scale of things, it is a bit lacking in other areas.

    The playground is small and on hilly ground, but it has some nice equipment and there is some shade in the area.  The playground is basic, but it has some nice climbing and athletic equipment that will challenge elementary school age. There is a combination unit that smaller children will enjoy.The well groomed open lawn is a great for a picnic and / or playing ball, chasing and / or blowing bubbles. I have seen people flying kites there, but I am not sure it is officially allowed as often parks do not allow kite-flying. Parts of the park are very picturesque and it is popular with local amateur photographers. The lake in the park has some gorgeous cherry blossom trees around it. There are also some cherry blossom trees in the playground too, you can see one beginning to bloom in the photo of the winding netted climbing above. The park is beside a river, with a nice walkway. 

    There is free parking, but there are only a few spots and the car park is quite narrow. The toilets are very basic and old, but they are clean.


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