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Atami Ropeway

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  • Saitama

    Short rope-way for spectacular views... and an adult museum

    Price: 600 yen

    I promise the adult museum was not an attraction for us! It was a very alarming discovery as we alighted the rope-way at the top of the mount. I say discovery, but there is no discovering to do; as you get off the rope-way it is there in front of you with the x-rated poster right in your face. We had small children with us; I would have preferred a bit of notice. 

    The rope-way journey is very short and very steep. The rope-way goes to the summit of Mt Hachiman where there is a great observation deck and the afore mentioned adult museum. We didn't go into the adult museum, but we heard it is referred to locally as a "treasure house". The emblem of the museum and the image that hits you as you get off the rope-way is of a naked woman holding something like a harp and is reminiscent of a mermaid (without the tail) and is supposed to be a Traveller Guardian deity. 

    The rope-way was a popular spot in years gone by, but in local years it seems to act mainly as a gate-way to Atami Castle and a quick view of the bay below. However, the last time we went it was during Obon and they were actually experiencing a boom in tourists. The observation deck was too crowded to enjoy so we only spent a few minutes up there. We had to queue going up and again coming back down. I would use it again as a quick way to get to the castle, but not as an attraction in itself.


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