Shabu Shabu Yuzuan (ゆず庵)

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jan 22

    Shabu Shabu All You Can Eat at Yuzuan

    Shabu Shabu is one of the famous Japanese dishes I really like. But mostly, it’s a bit expensive and so I haven’t visited a Shabu Shabu restaurant in Japan for around 5 years. Now it was time again and we decided for the All You Can Eat restaurant Yuzuan at Tamasakai, because it’s close to our home and not too expensive.

    It was Sunday around lunch time and people were lining up. Acutally, that’s a good sign, isn’t it. So we waited over 30 minutes until we could enter. Yuzuan has different Tabehodai (All You Can Eat) menus. We decided for lunch menu, which was just 1,980 yen for each person, plus an all you can drink for 390 yen. With this we had the choice between 50 dishes, including different meat for Shabu Shabu, vegetables and different noodles but also nigiri sushi and side dishes like fried potatoes, karaage and edamame. You even could order unlimited ice cream for dessert.

    Everything was pretty delicious and staff was very quickly bringing your order after deciding on the touch screen. For the soup, you can choose two different styles which will be boiled in a parted pot on your table. We had a clear soup and a sukiyaki-like soup. A good combination I think.

    The time for our Tabehoudai menu was 100 minutes and we were rolling out of the restaurant then because we ate too much. Great for this price and a lot of fun. Will definitely go there again!!

    Yuzuan has a few more restaurants around the country. Check out their website: http://www.shabu-yuzuan.jp/




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