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McDonalds Crea Mall Kawagoe

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  • Saitama

    A branch to avoid; cramped and brimming with teenagers!

    Price: 600 yen

    There are a couple of McDonalds restaurants in downtown Kawagoe. This one is beside Maruhiro in the shopping street of Crea Mall. I recently visited on the request of my daughter and I had been there with the kids a couple of times before too. Each time it is really crowded with teenagers, no matter what time of the day.

    The restaurant is up a stairs, but there is a very small lift too. The counters are just by the door and to the left of them is the seating area. It is the most cramped McDonalds branch I have ever been in. Most of the tables are set up for two, but you can't fit between the tables to get to the inner seat. You can pull the tables together which makes more room to get in to the inside seat. Although, the place is always packed, the counter service is quite efficient. There are a couple of staff who speak some English. The menu is fairly standard, but they do seem to have some seasonal foods too. Recently when the curly fries were launched my local branch didn't have them, but this branch did. They have some free balloons in a balloon stand by the door which you can help yourself too. The only other good point is that they are currently offering free Wifi on a trial basis. 

    This branch opens 7 am to 10 pm seven days a week. There is no parking, but you can park in Maruhiro car park at a cost. It is only a minutes walk away. Closest station is Hon-Kawagoe station which is about a 6 minute walk. 


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