Joyfull Family Restaurant Karihara

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  • helloalissa

    on Oct 30

    Joyfull Drink Bar

    This location seemed to smell very strongly of smoke, no matter where you sit. The smoking section was right next to the drink bar, so you had to walk past people smoking to get your drinks. They changed the layout around and probably improved the ventilation system recently. Although the smoking section has two doorways that are open to the other seats, as long as you aren't close to those doorways, it's not bad now. The location is convenient and it's usually crowded, especially for dinner. Prices are reasonable and quality is as you can expect for a lower end family restaurant, but not bad. It's a good value to take advantage of the drink bar included breakfast prices or add drink bar to other items. This is a convenient restaurant to have a meeting about potential work or get coffee with friends, in addition to going alone during the slow times to do a bit of planning or studying. In the past, I got a bite size chicken with garlic and soy sauce (cooked together with cabbage) lunch set, which comes with a plate of rice. A little salty for me but I like the garlic and soy sauce combo. The chicken was well cooked and didn't have any pieces of cartilage or chewy skin. Another time I got the weekday lunch menu which includes drink bar for an additional 100 yen. This lunch set was miso soup, rice, kara-age chicken, and fried fish, with a salad. It was a lot of food, and I couldn't finish the rice. If you have time to enjoy the drink bar, it can be a good value, although quality is average.

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