Shiraito Falls

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  • Daiuchi

    on Feb 21

    Beautiful Waterfall near Mount Fuji!

    To be honest there isn't much to do in this area but the waterfall is beautiful and provides great picture opportunities. The parking is about 500 yen for a standard sized car and some ares will provide free parking if you purchase something from their store. 

    Before you enter the waterfall area, they do have a small shopping street with many traditional items and foods/sweets. It is definitely reminiscent of an more traditional Japan era BUT a lot of the souvenirs were definitely targeted at international travelers (of which I was the only one at the time...).

    As far as the waterfall, it's ranked as one of the most beautiful falls of Japan. When I went I was even able to catch a rainbow in my picture which was a definite plus for me! It's over 150 feet wide and the water is from Mount Fuji so it's very clean and clear. I happened to go during the pre-winter season so it wasn't at it's best. Apparently during the fall season when you can see foliage (I kind of saw it!) or during summer when the waterfall is at full strength are the best times to visit. Considering there weren't many visitors at the time, I was perfectly happy with the pre-winter post-fall time that I went!

    Anyways, if you happen to be in this area, it's a definite must see. I don't think you'll be disappointed regardless of the season you are able to attend. And as an added bonus... it's really close to Fuji Milk Land <3!!!

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