Cafe de Ginza miyuki-kan

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  • City-Cost

    on Dec 20

    Classic and cozy cafe away from the Ginza crowds

    Finding a coffee shop with seats available can sometimes be a little tricky on a Ginza weekend. We weren't looking for this place, rather, just for somewhere with seats. Anyway, we're glad to have found it. Cafe de Ginza miyuki-kan seems to be a 'chain' operation with some six branches in the Ginza area. They have a Parisian feel from the outside. At this branch the interior is pretty cozy with rich woods, old ornaments, warm lighting and a noodly Jazz soundtrack. The space is quite tight but in a good way. It adds to the coziness. To be honest, we didn't scrutinise the menu so much. We just wanted coffee and cake. A set to that effect at Cafe de Ginza miyuki-kan comes in at around 1,500 yen. It's not cheap as you can see but the coffees were very nice as were the cakes and it all comes served in some nice looking cups and crockery. At these kind of prices it would be hard to recommend Cafe de Ginza miyuki-kan for just a casual cup of caffeine, but for a nicer occasion, or if you're trying to impress someone, this place could be just what you are looking for.

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