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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 14

    Quality kitchen goods, homeware, and gift options in this Tokyo store

    This ‘kitchen’ (and home) store in Shibuya’s ‘Shibuya Hikarie’ shopping mall has become something of a go-to resource for me, when I’m in need of gifts for people who come from money and have little need for gifts. In fact, the whole of Shibuya Hikarie is a good resource in that regard. Somehow though, The Conran Shop Kitchen seems to be the easiest option for me to pick out some easy gifts.

    My first stop is usually the consumables. You can find really nice looking (organic and healthy) juices and drinks here; apple and cranberry, wild strawberry and farm grapes, Mediterranean orange and Caribbean coconut … I’m making the names up, but the juices here are along those sort of lines.

    ‘Conran’ is also a good place to go for nice looking preserves, jams, pickles, and spreads. They usually have some fancy imported biscuits, cookies, crackers, candy, and chocolate. They are all a premium prices, but they have look of being something that you might have put some thought into (if you’re buying them as gifts).

    As the name might suggest, The Conran Shop has some very classy (and expensive) kitchenware; pots and pans, pins and chopping boards, aprons and tea towels. The list goes on. A lot of it is out of my price range, but if you are the type of person who has few ‘ichi man’ to drop on a frying pan, this could be a good place to do it.  

    It you weren’t aware that you could spend thousands of yen on washing detergents and fabric softeners, come here and you soon will be. Again, probably unnecessary for most, but they are here, and if you know someone who’s fanatical about doing laundry (as many people in Japan are) they might appreciate an injection of class into their routine.

    Just as with the detergent, it’s in this classy Japan homestore that you might come to realize how something so humble at a shower sponge can fetch and eye watering price. (Don’t worry, at least you’ll be able to ‘sponge up’ those tears!)

    The Conran Shop Kitchen is spacious, bright, easy to negotiate and despite the quality kit and high prices, not at all stuffy or snobbish. It’s a place to have look about, if nothing else. And not everything in here is outrageously expensive; for a treat or a nice gift it could be a good place to look.

    Open: 11:00 - 21:00 every day of the week.

    You can find it on the 5th floor of Shibuya Hikarie (ShinQs)

    Shibuya Hikarie is just across the street from the east side of Shibuya Station

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