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Koedo Coffee Mame Kura

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  • Saitama

    Coffee on the go

    Price: 500 yen

    A lot of the food and drink sold on the streets of Kawagoe are for take out. For this reason, there are lots of public seating areas dotted all over the old town. You may have been taught that walking and eating in Japan is unacceptable, but in an area like this it is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Koedo Coffee Mame Kura (Bean Warehouse) is one of the many places that only offers take-out with no indoor seats. They do have a couple of benches at the front of the shop.

    The very first time I passed Koedo Coffee Mame Kura there was a film crew there, next time there were professional photographers there and the next time film crews again. It piqued my interest. However, to be honest, I don't get what the fuss is about. Yes, the building is old and interesting, but so are the majority of buildings in the area. The coffee is mediocre, nothing better or worse than others around, in my humble opinion. The ice-cream is quite nice, but there is nicer in the vicinity. The coffee and a few other items such as juice and ice-cream, are sold from a small window on the left of the building. The rest of the space is a shop. The shop does have some nice tea pots and souvenirs. They sell coffee beans as well. 

    Information and signs are in Japanese only. The staff I spoke to doesn't speak English. The shop doesn't appear to have a website and the opening hours are nowhere to be found online.


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