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  • Saitama

    Most used park in Ageo!

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    I have no way of knowing if Kamihira Park really is the most used park in Ageo, but from my observation, it really does have more people using it frequently than any other park I've been to. Even in January when most parks are deserted, this one is always buzzing.

    The biggest attractions of this park are the sporting facilities. The tennis club seems to be particularly popular and active. There is also a jogging and walking course that is always in use by many when I visit. Then there is the baseball pitch and stadium.The latter is only used at certain times and when there is a match on the park is even busier and they have the restaurant open.  What draws me to it is the playgrounds. There is small playground beside the main car park which has great contraption for heaving sand up to a funnel that then realises the sand back into the sand pit. In the same unit there is some climbing and a slide. The large playground has great climbing frames. They are very old, but still usable. There is a roller slide there too as well as a very popular wide cement slide which goes into the sand pit in that playground. There are spring rides and another smaller slide for toddlers in this playground. In summer the wading river here is always jammed. It is a nice wading river that winds through the playground and has some stepping stones. However, shade is minimal. 

    Parking is free. On a regular day you might have to wait to get a spot, so on a day with games on: you might need to use a coin parking lot.

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