Kawagoe Hachimangu

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  • Saitama

    on Jan 2

    Power spot near Kawagoe Station

    Hachimangu is a popular shrine to worship at in Kawagoe. For New Years people line up for "hatsumode" the first homage of the year. The shrine put up a large prayer plaque on the fence at the back of the grounds, facing out to the street, with the zodiac sign animal depicted on it. For this year, 2019, it is a boar. There is also a shrine and some other religious paraphernalia on the grounds, including a statue of a man (God!?) with his hand to his hear as if to say "tell me". The sign beside it says its for unloading your grumbles! You can buy amulets here. They have events during the year including a children's sumo competition. There is some parking on the grounds, but during busy periods it is hard to get a spot. There are coin parking lots nearby.

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