Minami Ikebukuro Parking Area (Up)

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 10

    Small, but convenient 24 hour self service parking area

    Minami Ikebukuro Parking Area is a really small parking area, for about ten cars, on the number 5 Ikebukuro route of the highly confusing Shuto Expressway! Minami Ikebukuro Parking Area is not like the parking and service areas you find on all other expressways around Tokyo, due to the space limitations in the heart of the metropolis, but it is convenient and open 24 hours. It is one of the only two parking areas on the number 5 Ikebukuro line, and S5 Omiya route going and coming from Omiya. Facilities include toilets (including a wheelchair accessible restroom), AED, emergency phone and ETC card machine. The indoor rest area is open 24 hours and has a number of vending machines selling food, such as ice-cream, tako-yaki, chips and onigiri. There are a number of drink vending machines outside. It is officially a no smoking PA, but people smoke anyway and due to the lack of a designated area people just light up wherever they want.

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