Seiyu Higashimatsuyama Branch

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  • Saitama

    on Oct 6

    Cheap local supermarket with some hidden gems

    Seiyu is a well known supermarket branch in Japan. I overlooked the branch in Higashimatsuyama for many years as it looked old and uninviting. Then they did it up! When they renovated the building it piqued my interest so I researched it online and was delighted to find they had opened a Kid's US Land in the new and improved version. Not only does it now have a Kid's US Land it also has a discount toy store. You can find popular toys for a fifth of the price they are sold elsewhere. They have a shop that sells a lot of foreign produce. There is also a great shoe shop that has a good selection of large sized shoes for foreign feet. There is a Mos Burger, Mr Donuts and Indian Cuisine in the small food court. On top of all this, the Seiyu supermarket itself is incredibly cheap. You can get onigiri for 80 yen, bento boxes for as little as 150 yen and a lot of their beverages are a lot cheaper than any other supermarket, including the notoriously cheap Ok stores.

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on Dec 18


Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama

Best Italian in town with to die for Tiramisu



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