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Starbucks Coffee Kawajima Branch

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Drive thru coffee right before the highway

    Price: 500 yen

    Convenient Starbucks with drive-through, right before the west Kawajima entrance to the Ken-O Expressway. Dogs and smokers are welcome on the terrace. At least two of the staff speak English, one speaks it particularly well. All staff very friendly and helpful. 

    Clean and bright, but a little cramped. Not a good place for a group of more than 4 people, unless you are willing to sit out on the terrace.  Seating is comfortable. They have an unisex toilet with wide entrance so wheelchair users can also use it. Wifi is free, but you have to sign up for it. Its quite a small branch, but they have a fairly decent drinks menu.  However, they don't have decaf. They tend to offer most of the seasonal favourites, such as sakura lattes in spring and cinnamon flavoured drinks in winter. They also offer a number of different tastes of frappuccino throughout the year. Food is limited, but they have a few sandwiches and muffins and a couple of cakes. The drive-through is popular, but efficient and there are rarely back ups. Apart from being near a highway, it is also near a couple of restaurants, a Tsutaya book store, Cainz homeware store and a Beisia supermarket. One Sunday a month they offer coffee in the Tsutaya to the parents of children participating in a Tsutaya story time event. 

    They open from 7 am to midnight seven days a week.  Free parking for at least 20 cars and you can also use the parking for the Cainz and Tsutaya. It is not serviced by a bus, the nearest bus stop is about a 10 minute walk away. 


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