Blueberry No Mura

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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 25

    Blueberry Picking

    For an entrance fee (700 yen) we went to this organic (pesticide free at least) blueberry farm for all you can eat (no time limit). We were given baskets to collect the blueberries in, from both an outdoor area and a green house. One of the staff spoke English fairly well and explained in mixed English. I heard several voices speaking English and Chinese I think while we were there.

    There's outdoor seating in a covered area, which is where everyone went to eat their berries (not including the berries immediately eaten after picking). There's a small 'stream' shallow pool for kids to stay cool in and a place to wash our hands before eating. I was happy to see a lot of young children, making that connection of where food comes from.

    We were alone while in the green house – probably because that's where the mosquitoes were hanging out and we didn't get the wind so it got too hot quickly. We heard the blueberries grown inside can get as big as coins, but didn't see any that big. 

    We collected around 500 grams of blueberries each and ate them all. I'd say 700 yen for this much is a great value. We can take away blueberries for 300 yen per 100 grams if I remember correctly.

    At this farm there's also a relaxing cafe and gift shop indoors, in an air-conditioned space with plenty of seating. There was a small pond inside with huge goldfish that I saw staff letting some kids feed. The cafe sells a few items like blueberry soft cream and smoothies, which was really tempting. (I really wanted a coffee, but they don't sell any.) We left with a bottle of blueberry juice (1300 yen) to use for homemade salad dressing and other things. They sell blueberry plants too!

    9-17 open June-August 

    20 minute walk from Kitano Station or 30 minutes by bus #22 from Nishitetsu Kurume Station.

    *We called in advance to ask if it was alright to bring outside food and got the okay, so we ate blueberries over a salad. Staff commented that it looked really good. We decided to go back every year - it was great!



Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Kitano Machinaka 2355

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