Nakashibetsu Airport

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  • genkidesu

    on Feb 17

    Busy regional airport

    Nakashibetsu Airport is a smaller regional airport which services Eastern Hokkaido. I traveled through this airport recently returning to Tokyo from a trip to the region. The airport does seem to get particularly busy when there are flights headed to both Tokyo and Sapporo, which was the case on the afternoon that I was there. Despite the line being quite long for check in, it was efficient and moved quickly so it didn't seem like you were waiting for all that long, but do just bear that in mind if you're trying to cut it fine with check in/departure times. The second floor of the airport houses a couple of different stores that have all manner of souvenirs, so if you need to pick up some omiyage or gifts for loved ones there is definitely the ability to do this here. The airport also has a lovely view out over the mountains that surround the area.

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