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  • Crazydeath

    on Oct 16

    Sailor Moon permanent store

    In the heart of Harajuku you can find the fancy shopping center Laforet, which offers many diffrent clothes and accessories especially for the younger generation. At the B0.5 floor you will the newly opend permanent Sailor Moon store. It is the first permanent store of the popular Anime Sailor Moon in Japan and gives everybody a great chance to get Merchandise at one place. Also the stores offers many special article which you can find only there. The store has two areas. One is in dark blue and looks like the moon kingdom. You can mostly find a little bit more expensive products like the Sailor Moon Isetan clothes collection or some bags in that area. The other part of the store is very pink, and you can mostly find small stuff like ccessories, stationary products and so on. As a fanclub member, you also have the chance to get a point card of the store. If you are a big fan of Sailor Moon, you should use the chance and visit the store!



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