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  • Tomuu

    on Jan 12

    Bits n bobs for the home with a slightly alternative vibe

    I had no idea ZARA were in the business of dressing up peoples' homes.  I wasn't actually looking for this place, rather I stumbled across it while I was trying to navigate my way around the massive LaLaport Tokyo Bay.

    The store isn't as large as some of ZARA's clothing branches and there's not a huge amount of variety but it might be a step up from a typical home store or somewhere like a MUJI.  Not in terms of price, but in terms of a bit of flare.  It you're looking to try and inject a bit of style into your soap dish holders, or pizazz into your place mats you might find something here.

    The shop (at the time of visiting) seemed to have separated things mainly in terms of 'style theme' rather than location in the home; for example there would be a section of stuff all based around the color pink, or a section where everything was shiny/silver/gold.

    The goods here are smaller in scale (you won't find beds, sofas, arm chairs etc).  This is more about trinkets, holders, mats, cups and other items of that ilk (although I did spot some curtains).

    Prices kind of reflect the ZARA brand; not expensive but a bit more than UNIQLO (if UNIQLO were to sell stuff for the home).

    ZARA HOME LaLaport couldn't be considered an essential home-shopping resource but it does make a refreshing change from the 100 yen store or a lot of the awful homeware crap that you can find dotted about Japan's suburban retail locations.

    ZARA HOME is on the first floor (1F) of the South Building (南館) of LaLaport Tokyo Bay in Funabashi.

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