Kojimachi Cafe

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 18

    Comfy spot with friendly staff. Dairy free bread available.

    A really great cafe near to the Imperial Palace. The area directly around the cafe is mostly a business area. This was the only place we could find open in the evening near Monterey Hotel due to that. It was a lucky find and I have made the trip since just to visit the cafe.

    I would love to give this place five stars, but I reluctantly deduct a star because it is not wheelchair and stroller friendly. They will help you bring your buggy in through the side entrance and they don't require you to fold the buggy down. It also doesn't have a changing mat. Other than that there is nothing I can fault about this place. The food is very good food, the menu is ok, the desserts are delicious, but the best part of the place is the staff. They are very friendly, helpful, accommodating and provide excellent service. My son has allergies and they were very patient and resourceful in helping me choose suitable food for them. They have dairy free bread available. I shared a dessert with a friend and they prepared it on different plates for us. They have complimentary fresh juice for kids. The menu changes often. The building is really nice too with a lovely ambiance and it is very comfortable. I have been a few times now and each time it is busy.  Some of the staff speak really good English. 

    It opens from noon to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. No parking available.



〒102-0083, 東京都千代田区麹町1丁目5−4

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