Meiji Shrine

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  • Harvey

    on Nov 10

    The Meiji Shrine

    Though the time we visit there is a little bit crowded, I still appreciate the beauty and naturality of the place. Inspite of the busy city outside, you can actually have a peaceful yet enjoyable moment at the time you enter the premises surrounding the Shrine. Before reaching the Shrine itself you can also enjoy walking at the forest like ambience of the place. Japanese are amazing when it comes to preservation of natural beauty of a certain place. It is so nice and amazing to walk in a place where you can just think freely. At the Shrine itself, I do recommend to take a wash of hands first before going to the shrine and lay your prayer. As a catholic person, I do need to find balance in praying in a non-catholic place and actually different religion/belief. And as far as I know, praying is not only for a certain place, it is anywhere as long as you can communicate to our Creator. Its is so peaceful yet so enjoyable to visit this place!



Shibuya, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan

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