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  • Macky

    Like a convenience store for records

    Price: 1500 yen

    Rumour has it that Japan is one of the world's last bastions for the humble record store.  If this Tower Records is anything to go by, the future isn't looking too bright.

    TOWER Mini (as is written on the front of the store) is perhaps a little larger than your average convenience store.  In terms of CDs, it's maybe split 50/50 between local recordings and those from overseas artists.

    Prices for new CDs are mostly in the 1500 - 2000 yen range.  At the time of visiting, I spotted a 1000 yen bargain bin.  

    There are listening stations here where you can preview whatever CDs have been selected at the time of visiting.

    There are shelves of DVDs here, too.  That said, at 3000 yen +, shopping for DVDs in Japan is an expensive business.

    TOWER Mini has a limited selection of reading materials, all of which were in Japanese.  Also, don't come here to pick up your free English-language mags and news rags.  There aren't any.

    Still, any Tower Records is always a good resource to get an idea of what's going on in the world of music; there are flyers for various music events here, as well as free listing magazines to keep you in touch with what concerts are coming up, and the lasted albums to come out (again, all in Japanese).

    This TOWER Mini has a selection of novelty gifts, trinkets, and t-shirts.

    To be honest, you'd be far better off biding you time until you get the chance to go to Shibuya and visit the massive store then.  Still, if you're in Shiodome and simply must by a CD (for whatever reason), then perhaps this small store can come to your aid.

    It's located just outside the Nippon TV building and the Taco Bell.


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