Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

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  • City-Cost

    on Sep 28

    Old skool shopping arcade with the usual collection of random odds and ends

    Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street was quite when we visited (it was quite early in the day) so we can't account for how busy this place can get, or not. You've probably seen shopping arcades likes this throughout Japan, and probably much better ones at that. 'Tenjinbashi' houses a completely random collection of stores that really don't make any sense (as a collective) but the street does have a bit of charm about it. That said, it doesn't really serve as an essential daily-life resource or as an afternoon shopping trip with friends. If you're in the area though, we recon it's worth a look. If you're into your traditional Japanese kitchen knives you'll find a great store for those here (as well as scissors). We spotted a couple of no-frills barber shops (1,800 yen for simple cuts), and a decent looking snack shop (potato chips, chocolates etc) - Marushige. There are a couple of convenience stores here, and 100 yen store and a Post Office. The Lawson at the Southern end of the street has a smoking area. For a bit of a curiosity there is an owl cafe at the Southern end of Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street (after exiting the covered arcade).

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