L'Ange d'Or

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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 15

    Iwataya Panya

    Just having a look around to see what's available one rainy day; curious about what's different in Kurume's Iwataya as compared with the bigger location in Tenjin (Fukuoka).

    In Iwataya's depachika (basement market), there are specialty grocers selling teas and high end fruit. There is a French style bakery there, and their free samples lured me in.

    The salt bread was nostalgic for me, soft on the inside with a crisp outside, made with olive oil and rock salt. The condensed milk bread was just new to me and really mild but sweet. I got these to go and share at dinner time. 

    Other nice options were beautiful apple pies and sweet chestnut danishes. There is some seating available in the store and beverages are also sold.

    I'm guessing the name of this panya means "golden angel," and Google Translate tells me I'm correct! I won't bother trying to translate the French on their bags, but go ahead if you're curious, there's a photo for you.



830-8510 Fukuoka prefecture Kurume City, Tenjin machi 1-1

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