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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 30

    These are the best pancakes I've tasted in Tokyo.

    The best things in life often appear when you aren’t even looking for them, and this could well be the case here with what, I think, are the best pancakes I’ve tasted in Tokyo.

    I was actually looking for a toilet when I ended up pouring over the menu of Ramo Frutas Cafe on the 3rd floor of Ginza Place (above the ‘Nissan Gallery’  at Nissan Crossing - What a pointless waste of expensive real estate that is, by the way).

    It’s quite staggering really, that a cafe specializing in fruit should have itself a prime view of one of the world’s most expensive street corners, but here it is, and we should all be happy about it. Ramo Frutas Cafe is a welcome break from the ‘designer brand’ contest that is going on outside.

    The space of Ramo Frutas Cafe is light, airy, and natural. There’s a small, sheltered terrace overlooking Ginza’s central crossroads. Otherwise, it’s all fairly simple in appearance.

    Orders are made at the counter before getting seated.

    The menu at Ramo Frutas Cafe is fairly simple, with nearly everything on it being based around fruit, even the ‘meal plates’ - fruit curry, fruit pasta, fruit taco rice …, all between 1,600 - 1,800 yen with salad, seasonal fruit, and drink.

    ‘Sweets’ at the cafe come under three headings; pancakes, parfait, and ‘showcase’ (largely cakes and tartes).

    We went with the pancakes at 1,350 yen (including a drink); me, the ‘banana and cacao’, the partner, ‘berry and sour’. Both are what pancakes should be (the come served in the hot pan for a start); thin, eggy, hot, messy, and generously / randomly adorned with toppings. The arrive on your table looking like an Instagram pic. Highly recommended, and possibly the best pancakes I’ve had in Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan, for that matter).

    Another touch I liked about Ramo Frutas Cafe was that the fruit theme continues with the free water - ‘Fruit Water’ and ‘Fruit Vinegar’. Don’t be put off by the name of the latter, it really just tastes like weak apple juice.

    I’m having a hard time finding fault with this cafe. I mean, it specializes in fruit, but isn’t so expensive (take note Sembikiya).

    OK, there is one thing that bothered; the couple who occupied one of the tables on the terrace with their books and laptop getting more attention than the single parfait they ordered (which remain untouched throughout). Ramo Frutas Cafe isn’t really a place to be doing work on Sunday afternoon, especially when half of Ginza is looking for a place to eat. I would have liked to see the staff move them on. I’m a bit of a killjoy like that.

    Take exit A3 from the Ginza Metro Station.

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