Yummy (ヤミー)

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  • genkidesuka

    on Aug 22

    Niigata Prefecture's best Gelato?

    You know a place is good if people drive an hour to get there, especially when there is a metropolitan area the same distance in the opposite direction.  What if I told you the reason for the trip was dessert?

    In the sleepy town of Minamiuonuma, there is a small mom-and-pop Gelato shop called, "Yummy," and it has quite the reputation in this area.  You wouldn't think much of this place driving up to it.  Sure, it is a cute, well-presented place, but it is quite modest, with only seating for 10 indoors and a few benches outside.

    Still, Yummy's reputation has grown thanks to its delicious homemade gelato blends.  It has traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc., but takes risks with other flavors including its signature Koshihikari Brown Rice Milk gelato.  Always boasting a variety of seasonal specialties (the latest and greatest was yairo watermelon--a local favorite), Yummy keeps things fresh and delicious.

    How delicious? Well, in spite Minamiuonuma being a pretty sleepy town, the store always seems to have business, much of it from out-of-towners.

    As for the cost, you have a choice between cup or cone with single or double scoop, which will only put of a dent of about 150-450 yen.

    So if you find yourself in Minamiuonuma (maybe just passing through on your way to/from Niigata), I recommend stopping in and enjoying a delicious frozen treat.



〒949-7302 Niigata-ken, Minamiuonuma-shi, Urasa, 5138−2

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