Saitama Municipal Youth Astronomical Museum

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 16

    A journey to infinity and beyond for young children

    There is something for all young minds at this space museum located on the old grounds of Urawa Reds (Saitama soccer team) at Komaba stadium. Children can learn about space and science through the various interactive and educational displays, play areas, reading area and special events available free of charge. There is also a planetarium that you can enter at set times.  

    The most popular attraction is just inside the front doors. A "ball coaster" that kids can use a wheel to power a ball through a roller coaster-like course that winds its way around front reception.  On the first floor they have interactive exhibits that really engage the kids. Kids not only have fun, they learn something. On the 2nd floor they have a small play area with some wooden toys for smaller children. There is a reading room beside it too. You can pay to enjoy a movie in the hybrid planetarium. In the summer they hold special movie showings in the planetarium. Movies are Japanese as is most of the information throughout the space museum. There were a couple of English pamphlets. 

    Entry into the museum is free, but the planetarium costs money. It costs 510 yen per adult or 200 yen for students aged 4 and up.  It opens Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays it is closed except for public holidays. They close for New Year from December 28th to January 4th. The nearest train stations are Urawa or Kita-Urawa. You can take a bus from either to 「宇宙科学館入口」. By car it is a 15 minute drive from Urawa Interchange.Parking is a short walk from the museum and is free with spaces for around 15 cars. 

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