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  • Saitama

    on Feb 20

    Location, Location, Location

    Three of the five stars I give this hotel are for the location. The other star goes for the English speaking staff. However, the premises itself, while clean and well kept, are not really anything to get excited about. I recommend it for the ease of travelling to other areas, not for the services or the facilities of the hotel nor for the area immediately around the hotel.

    The hotel is very conveniently located right by the Hanzomon station, literally across the road. It is close to Kojimachi station on the Yurakucho line as well. It took me 7 minutes from Kojimachi station with a child in tow. You can easily walk to the Imperial Palace Gardens from the hotel too. And there are lots of points of interest a train ride away. However, directly around the hotel there are very little services, especially on weekends, as it is mainly a business district. There are a couple of convenience stores that are open 24 hours. There is a really lovely restaurant up the hill, called Kojimachi cafe, which is also reviewed on City-Cost.

    The room is small by global standards, but average by Tokyo standards. There isn't much room to move in the double room, but it is very clean and comfortable. Like pretty much all hotels in Japan, you get lots of free toiletries in the room. There are also pyjamas in the room for you to use while you are there, they are not to bring home!  The rooms have a unit bathroom, which is basically a prefabricated room of molded plastic with toilet, sink and bath.  

    Free Wifi is available. They have vending machines. You can pay to have breakfast. The hotel is going completely non-smoking in the bedrooms from April 1st 2017. 

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