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ぴゅあ焼肉 (Pure Yakiniku)

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  • KevinC

    Cheap yakiniku lunch in Shimbashi

    Price: 1000 yen

    'Salaryman town' Shimbashi has so many restaurants to choose from.  The problem is, so many of them are tiny, and so many of the are crowded, so much of the time.  This is really where ぴゅあ焼肉 (Pure Yakiniku) comes into its own; it always has a plenty of space.  Maybe this is a poor reflection of the food.  I disagree.  This is a great place to come for your lunch, if you like meat.

    This restaurant has great value lunch sets for around the 1,000 yen mark.  I always go with the yakiniku set (after all, that's what the restaurant specializes in).  For 1,000 yen you get a tray with two servings of meat, a side salad, rice, miso soup, some pickles, and also a choice of drink (the usual sort of thing; coffee, tea, soft drinks).  The meat is cooked on a communal grill in the center of your table.  

    The service here is prompt and efficient.  When you enter, wait to be seated.  The bill is left at your table (you don't need to call for it).  When you're done, take the bill to the counter and pay there.

    Another good point about ぴゅあ焼肉 (Pure Yakiniku) is that you can leave the restaurant without smelling of grilled meat, unlike some places in the area that can leave you feeling greasy and smelling pretty bad.

    OK, so for 1,000 yen don't expect to come here and eat something like the equivalent of Jojoen (and expensive yakiniku chain), but you'll certainly get filled up, and your wallet won't suffer for it.  

    In the interior is nothing to shout about, but it's clean, the lighting is pleasant, and, again, there's plenty of room to stretch out. 

    The lunch menu is available from 11:30 - 14:30.  It can be an easy place to miss (look out for the Tsutaya across the street).  Dinner is served from 17:00 - 23:30 but I haven't been here at this time.


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