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Fukuujima Bridge and Island

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  • JTsuzuki

    Take the Bridge of Happy Coupling!

    Price: 200 yen

    For just 200 yen, you can walk across this iconic red bridge that measures 252 meters to get to the beautiful island that shares the name Fukuujima. Although many of the paths on the island are paved or made formidable by a solid mulch spread, there is still room for off-path adventure if you so choose. The casual tourist may instead enjoy some ice cream or curry and rice before snapping some great photos at several scenic spots around the little island.Weatherproof maps are posted in several locations, making getting lost more difficult even for the directionally challenged. 

    A small restaurant, a smaller shrine, bathrooms, and few gazebo-like roofed structures are all the buildings on the island and no human inhabitants actually live there. There is some life in the insect population, though not enough to be difficult for any tourists with phobias. 

    The bridge itself is known as the bridge of happy coupling, rumor being that any couple who crosses the bridge together will remain so. A smaller bridge a little further down the coast is known as the break-up bridge for exactly the opposite reason.

    Tickets to cross the bridge can be bought at the small rest-house, across a parking lot from the last of the easily accessible Matsushima tourist shops on the main street leading way from Matsushima Kaigan Station. The tickets are only 200 yen and can be bought from a vending machine inside the shop.

    Walking down the bridge, around the island, and back takes the average tourist between 2 and 3 hours, so plan accordingly as the shop closes at 5PM. If you're in the area, spare some time to enjoy the bridge and island life!


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