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  • Kasajizo

    Good yakiniku

    I am a meat eater. I love a good piece of beef, sizzling on a grill and eaten so rare you can almost hear it moo. I am also a control freak in the kitchen. If I am cooking, you had better not get in my way.

    This is why I love going to Yakiniku places. Especially Mannoya.

    If you are unfamiliar with yakiniku, you basically order a plate of raw meat, expertly cut in front of you, and then you put it on a coal grill right on your table. You get to choose how to cook, where on the grill to place your meat, how long to cook it and everything. Of course the chefs are there, just on the other side of the counter if you have any questions about the food or need any pointers. It is great.

    The people working in Mannoya are some of the friendliest people working in the food business I have ever encountered. You can see the honesty in their eyes, they are not there for fake friendliness. They are actually having fun at their job and that makes the atmosphere so much better.

    Speaking of atmosphere, the restaurant itself naturally gets a bit stuffy what with all the smoke coming from the grills. If possible, I recommend putting your clothes in the laundry right after you come home, so as to not infect anything with a smoky smell.

    I have been to this restaurant twice and I intend to go there more often. I hope you will too.

    The restaurant is fairly reasonable; you can order many levels of quality meat. If you have a smartphone, you can sometimes download the app called Mannoya (萬野屋), and get nice coupons, such as free namul or a free drink! It sometimes disappears from the app store and comes up again, so hopefully you can get it when it`s available.


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