Korilakkuma Café Harajuku

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  • Korilakkuma Café Harajuku (limited time)

    On 1st December 2016 a new Rilakkuma theme cafe opened in Tokyo. This time it is specialized to the cute little bear Korilakkuma who will take you to its dream land. And this totally is the theme! Inside you find a lot of cute pictures, sweet music and dolls you can cuddle. 

    The menu is pretty easy. There are three main dishes, three desserts and three drinks you can choose from. You are asked to have at least one order per person.

    For the main dishes we go with curry including a cute rice bear. Or you decide for a Korilakkuma burger which comes with salad and potatoe fries. The third choice is a cream stew. Coming to the sweets you can decide between fondant chocolate, strawberry pancakes or a strawberry parfait. For sure, everything is decorated with Korilakkuma. The simplest drink is a coffee latte which comes with a cute cookie. More special are the fluffy strawberry soda and sweet strawberry milk. If you want, you also can take a lovely cotton candy home. You can buy some merchandise at the café, too.

    If you want to visit the café you have to make a reservation online on the official website before. You can choose one of the available 80 minutes time windows. The reservation already costs you ¥ 648 for each person. However, when entering the cafe you will get one of three random microfiber towels as little present.

    The Korilakkuma Café is situated in Harajuku, just follow the famous Takeshita Street more downwards and you soon gonna find it. It’s around 10 minutes away from JR Harajuku station. Use your chance until 15th February 2017 when the time limited café is determinated to close again.

    Official website: https://korilakkuma-cafe.jp/




東京都渋谷区神宮前4-28-28 Lucessimoビル 2F

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