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Slow House Villa

Avg: 9000 yen
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  • Saitama

    Themed yurts in idyllic setting

    Price: 9000 yen

    The Slow House Villas are my least favourite of the accommodation in the Tokinosumika Resort. However, they are my younger children's favourite. That is largely influenced by the Peter Rabbit paraphernalia in the rooms and the free teddy bear you receive if you can find it in your room. The Peter Rabbit rooms are just one of different themes available in these yurts, or Pao as they are called in Japanese. There are rooms themed on the Little Prince and there are Little Prince statues and a huge cardboard figure in the area surrounding the slow house villas. Other rooms have glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the yurt. 

    The yurt itself was also a great source of excitement for the kids. Staying in a round house is not something you get to do every day.  They aren’t the most practical, and with a one year old the lack of safety on the staircase was a concern, but it was a dream come true for the kids to stay there. They are also a bit old, dingy and not well lit up. We also found it hard to regulate the temperature in the room. The lodgings are right beside the Big Bang playground and they are lit up at night adding to the fun factor for kids. They have a hot spring in the villa area (one of many in the resort) and it is where the pet hotel is too. This is also the area with the resort’s badminton court, games room (billiards and table tennis), reception for some activities (such as fishing and segways) and where they have the magnificent night time water, illumination and projection mapping show. The breakfast hall is a little bit far away, but it is a nice walk, with some great views of Mt Fuji. 

    As with all facilities in the Tokinosumika resort, it is easiest to access by car as it is a little challenging to get there by public transport. 



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